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HOME DAGGERS       LUFT / NAVY DAGGERS       BAYONETS       SWORDS       KNIVES       HELMETS       MISC / CONSIGN       GALLERY  - Customer Consignment Items is split into two categories.
The upper section is German militaria currently being offered for sale on consignment for customers.
The lower section is medals and badges being offered by
Please read our terms and conditions at the foot of the page for buying and selling items on consignment.
Click on a picture below for detailed information. Additional pictures are available on request, quoting reference number please.

  CONSIGNMENT - TERMS AND CONDITIONS acts purely as an advertising and selling medium for customers who wish to sell and get their items seen by a wider audience.
We charge a flat percentage fee of the selling price, payable on completion of the sale and no charges for listing. These rates are shown at the foot of the page.
The listing price of an item is left to the discretion of the consignor, although guidance or assistance in determining a realistic asking price can be requested. simply advertises your item and puts the buyer in touch with seller. We accept no responsibility for the transaction itself. accepts absolutely no responsibility for non-payment, lost items in transit, misrepresented items, damaged items, parts or fake items, non receipt of goods or Acts of God.
While we endeavour to ensure that no item is accepted for consignment that breaks our Terms and Conditions it will remain the sole responsibility of the buyer to ensure all safeguards are in place prior to payment.
While we try to ensure that all descriptions, pictures and information shown on are as accurate as possible, it should be understood by both parties that in most cases the item for sale has NOT been seen in hand or inspected by us and we accept no responsibility for any damage or condition related issues.
Both the seller and the buyer must agree to have read and accept our Terms and Conditions. 


The seller agrees that a percentage of the final selling price, on completion of a sale will be made to as per the guidelines shown below.
The seller agrees that the items description and photographs displayed, remain the property of, and at the discretion of the website owner.
The seller will disclose any knowledge of faults or damage to an item prior to listing and any claimed provenance is substantiated beyond any reasonable
The seller agrees to supply only high resolution clear pictures of any item offered for sale and that these pictures can be edited for display on
The seller agrees that under no circumstances is responsible or liable for lost, damaged, returned or altered items or for non or partial payment.
The seller agrees that postage will be charged at cost and mailed via a tracked and registered method to include insurance or as agreed with the buyer.
The seller agrees that a 10 day returns policy is guaranteed as part of any agreement with the buyer and any returns or disputes remain the responsibility
of the the buyer and the seller.


The buyer agrees that postage will be charged at cost via a tracked method to include insurance or as agreed with the seller.
The buyer agrees that a 10 day returns policy is guaranteed by the seller and any returns or disputes remain the responsibility of
the buyer and the seller.
The buyer agrees to take all reasonable precautions to ensure safe delivery of goods, this includes requesting additional high quality pictures prior to payment so that you know exactly what you are buying, requesting that the seller mails your goods via a tracked and registered method with insurance.


Items over £750 - 5% of the total selling price payable to
Items under £750 - 8% of the total selling price payable to

Some of our services include the following:  
- We do offer a consignment service, offering and displaying your authentic
military items on, please see terms and
conditions for more information.                  
- Collector website construction, from single page gallery based blogs to
three, five or seven page websites. Contact for details.
- Free valuation and assessment of your German Military items to the best
of our knowledge.



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