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  £545 *Reduced - Weyersburg & Kirschbaum ( WKC ) 2nd Luftwaffe Officers Dagger
   This fantastically detailed German Luftwaffe dagger by WKC really is a beauty, the aluminum fittings are virtually as crisp
as they were when it left the factory. It features typical Weyersburg parts and a wonderful tangerine toned grip with single twist brass wire. This dagger has the bonus of the rarer cross-guard produced by Weyersburg. Listed on page 151 of Wittmanns book it bears the defined relief border on the upper cross-guard with the typical left over right oak leaves unique to WKC Lufts. The blade has a fully burnished trademark and is virtually mint, the grip has a very small hairline to a centre segment that is barely visible and a little plating loss to the sides of the scabbard shell. A fine example and increasingly hard to find in this condition in the UK.

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